Health and Safety Signs – The Most Effective Way to Communicate Directions in a Workplace

We are required to follow directions most of the time. We sometimes need to be directed in order to do things correctly. You normally encounter directions through tests. Tests at school or of any kinds are done systematically so that it will be easier to be checked. This will also be made easier for you to answer. If you do not follow, your chance of passing the exam may be forfeited. Directions are also important in doing the job. Your boss may have a particular task for you and you need to follow them in order to do the job right. Nevertheless, most of all directions are important in ensuring safety. As simple as a sign telling you “slow down, school zone” will save you from having an accident involving children. Alternatively, in cases where there are radioactive symbol and a do not enter sign; can help you not to be exposed from these materials.

In your workplace, various directions need not to be written in long notes or memorandum to indicate referral to a specific object. Alternatively, observation of practices needs not to be relayed by your boss everyday just for you to do things according to company policy. With the use of health and safety signs, directions can go unspoken yet effective for compliance.

Prohibition Signs

These tell people at work what they should not do in the office. Examples of this are “No Smoking”, “Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out”, or “No Eating”.

Mandatory Signs

These tell people to follow strictly, what is needed to do a certain job. Any person does not have an option in here. Examples are “Wear Protective Gear before Entering” or “Please Wash Your Hands”.

Firs Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher Signs

In case of breaks in the skin or other medical emergency, every personnel should know where to locate these things. Fire extinguishers are also important, therefore, they should be clear enough to be sees and sets of instructions should be posted so that people can be warned related to its usage

Caution Signs

This will inform people to be careful in what they are doing because the area may be accident prone. This is used for awareness. Examples are “Caution: Wet Floor” or “Caution: Hazardous Wastes”. They are usually in yellow and black colors.

Bilingual Signs

They are signs that contain warnings, reminders and other stuff only that it has two languages used to convey the message. It is perfect in places where some of the workers are not the fluent in English. It is a great help for them.

Most health and safety signs follow a universal symbol or color in order to convey their messages. This makes them uniform. Therefore, in cases where there are no letters just pictograms, everyone can readily understand them. Even if you are in a foreign country, just by seeing the color and the symbol, you will already understand what it is trying to tell you even if the scribbling is written in language you do not understand.

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